Stainless kettle 1.7 L

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* Digital Stainless kettle .

* Featuring on illuminated display, the Stainless kettle can give you visual enjoyment while working, perfect for your kitchen or pantry. 

* Made from high Stainless.

* Function of DE chlorination; keep boiling for 3 minutes to purify the water for your health.

* Electronic with the function of boiling, keep warm and 60c, 70c, 80c, 90c temperature setting for different need.

* It has an external window to show the water level .

* Weight of the piece 1.500  KG .

watt 1850
volt 220
HZ 50
Width 25 CM
Height 25 CM
Length 19 CM
capcitiy 1.7 L - 1.7 لتر
Color Silver

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